Grandma and grandpa leave wedding reception

Invest in your Memories


A special day.

Or any day.

Invest in your Memories

Wedding and family photography are an investment in your family history.

You, your kids, their kids…. you will all learn about your family, your values, and who you are, when you hold these memories in your hands.

multiple family members play on the teeter totter in a nelson bc family photo

Serving Nelson BC and beyond, I have been a documentary wedding and family photographer for over a decade. My work focuses on human interaction and how our relationships define who we are and what we value.

I often meet my clients as their wedding photographer and then continue to be there for them for the milestones: pregnancy, babies, kids, birthdays and reunions.

Dad hugs his daughter as groom smiles at their Bull River Guest Ranch wedding

In the same way that my wedding photography focuses on the genuine interactions among family members who may rarely see one another, my family photography also captures the unique expressions that makes each family member who they are. It’s all about authentic human connections. It’s all unique to your loved ones. And I strive to make wedding and family photography that illustrates meaningful moments in our lives both during giant celebrations and in our every day activities.

My work illustrates the authentic, real life moments that describe the universal experiences we share. I have been recognized with awards from a wide variety of international photography organizations, but the greatest accolade I can receive is being there for a family as they grow.

family holds memorial candle while signing marriage certificate at kootenay lakeview lodge wedding near nelson bc