This is my favourite photo from our wedding.

I love it because it describes us perfectly.

Portrait of Bobbi Barbarich, nelson bc photographer


Hello, I am Bobbi Barbarich. My family is Croatian, and they added an 'H' on the end of our name when my grandpa came to Canada. I was bullied as a kid for being big and strong, and so I loathed my name. But now, I love it. I have fully embraced being barbaric! And I owe a lot of that acceptance to photography.

Photography has taught me to be vulnerable, to be empathetic, to relish authentic, real life, and to experience the power in feeling our memories. And when the day is over, our photographs are our memories, and that's all we will have left.

I've had the opportunity to document several hundred weddings and families over the past decade! My main goal in life is to make images that connect with those who see them, and I've been honoured with multiple international photography awards both for wedding photography and for family photography.

My wedding photography and family photography approach is candid--also called "documentary." Rather than directing and posing my clients, I carefully watch for natural interactions between you, your loved ones and your environment. I rarely tell you what to do and I never make you stop what you're doing to look at the camera. Doing so would make the moment about the photograph, and not about what you are experiencing.

Instead, I train to be able to document the moment as it happens, without intruding on your experience. This gives you honest, emotional, connectable images that grow to mean even more as time passes.

While I live in Nelson BC, I'm happy to go  anywhere an adventure will bring us together.